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Arabella Simpson is an artist, currently based in the quaint, rural town of Ludlow. Her work is described as a whirlpool of images that she collects and arranges in a kooky way to create graphic illustrations that are somewhat naive and dark.

Throughout her creative life, being neurodivergent, her obsession with exotic objects, kids' cartoons and Japanese culture grew as she gained more opportunities. She began searching for these collections through an array of platforms, including the internet and the surroundings she senses. 


It's Nice That

Arabella Simpson's colourful drawings fit together like a distorted Tetris game. Fascinated by recycling originality and copyright, Arabella enjoys drawing immediately recognisable characters.

Arabella Simpson to It's Nice That

My brain sits in a pan and catches strange butterflies for my work. Voila! I make illustrated spaghetti.

Throughout her success as a freelance illustrator, Arabella has worked with a number of clients and has featured in write-ups and interviews.

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Bon Appetit | Armani Exchange | New York Review of Architecture | Vice | Sunny Specs | Süddeutsche Zeitung |

LA Times | Elemental Medium

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